Breweries are a great place to chill after the horses are put away to pasture.  

Beer Brewed in a Barn

This is as western as it can get!  Drink delicious beer in a barn in a pasture outside of Ten Sleep, Wyoming.  The scenery is gorgeous, the beer is some of the best in Wyoming and they have food trucks regularly and are one of the best locations for live music! 

Ten Sleep Brewing Co.

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Montana-centric Brewery

Brewing beers with as many Montana area ingredients, is the inspiration for this small town brew pub in the heart of the famous Madison River in Ennis, Montana.

Burnt Tree Brewery

Great looking pizza menu too!  Check out more here >>



Bozeman’s Original Brewery

These folks have been brewing beer in Bozeman since 2001.  Since then, they’ve indulged the locals with innovative beers that has kept them one of the most popular places in town.

Bozeman Brewing

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30 years brewing

Snake River Brewing

Wyoming’s oldest and America’s most award-winning small craft brewery. Check out their  brunch menu >> 

Breweries around the Yellowstone area